SMTP/E-Mail Notifications

This virtual connection types provides up to 64 targets for sending e-mail notifications via SMTP.


You need a working SMTP server to use e-mail notifications. BTConnect supports all SMTP servers, with or without SSL or STARTTLS encryption and/or authentication.


On the General tab, enter the details of your SMTP server, which includes:

  • Hostname or IP address
  • Port
  • Encryption mode (none, SSL, STARTTLS)
  • Username and password
  • The From (sender) address to be used for all e-mails; it can include a real name part when entered in the Name <> format.

On the Template tab, you can optionally enter default recipient(s), subject and body used in outgoing e-mails. These are used in all targets that have no individual configuration.

You can use variables for the received value etc. in the subject and body text.

On the Targets tab, you can adjust the settings for each of the available targets, overriding the receipient, subject and body values.

The settings of a target can be duplicated to another target by using the Copy/Paste commands from the context menu.


Each notification target is represented by a write-only string parameter target/<number>.

When using the Protocol Converter to trigger the target, other parameter types than string will be automatically converted.

Last modified June 27, 2021