D&R Airlite

This protocol

Supported Devices and Prerequisites

This protocol supports the D&R Airlite analog broadcast console.

The Airlite Control software must be running, typically on the same computer, and UDP ports must be set up correctly. Please refer to the manual provided by D&R.


The following protocol-specific settings are available in the configuration dialog:

  • IP/Hostname: Enter the IP or hostname on which the Airlite Control software is running. Typically this is on the same computer (
  • UDP Send/Receive Ports: These must match the ports configured in Airlite Control.


The following parameters are provided by this connection type:


Channel number are 1 through 8 (or 6 for the Webstation).

  • channel/<number>/on (boolean, read/write) - status of the channel ON button
  • channel/<number>/fader (boolean, read-only) - status of the channel fader (false if set to -∞)
  • channel/<number>/start (boolean, read-only) - combination of on and fader
  • channel/<number>/cue (boolean, read/write) - status of the channel CUE button


Button IDs are 1a through 8a and 1b through 8b for the two columns of eight buttons each

  • button/<id>/press (boolean, read-only) - will be true as long as the user is pushing the button down
  • button/<id>/color (string, write-only) - change the LED of the button

The following values are available for the button LEDs:

  • Solid color:
    • off
    • red
    • green
  • Flashing:
    • red/off/slow
    • green/off/slow
    • red/green/slow
    • red/off/normal
    • green/off/normal
    • red/green/normal
    • red/off/fast
    • green/off/fast
    • red/green/fast


  • status/silence (boolean, read-only) - Silence detection status
  • status/micon (boolean, read-only) - Any microphone on
  • status/nonstop (boolean, read-write) - Non-Stop function activated

Last modified April 25, 2021