This connection type provides timers and pulses.

Timers are started by sending any value to their start parameter. If the value is a number, it will be used as the duration (in milliseconds), otherwise the default duration set in the configuration will be used. When the specified time has elapsed, the trigger parameter will send a Trigger value.

Pulses continuously send triggers in fixed intervals.



Each Timer connection provides up to 16 timers. For each timer, you can adjust the duration after which its trigger parameter is triggered (unless a specific duration is sent to the start parameter). The default is 1000 milliseconds.


You can define up to 16 pulses. Check the Enabled box for those pulses that you intend to use, and adjust the duration (in milliseconds) as required.


  • timer/<id>/start (integer, write-only) - Set to a number to start the timer with the specified duration in milliseconds. If you connect this to a boolean or trigger parameter in the Protocol Converter, the timer will be started with the default duration set in the configuration.
  • timer/<id>/trigger (trigger, read-only) - will be triggered as soon as the duration has elapsed after starting the timer with start.
  • pulse/<id> (trigger, read-only) - will be triggered periodically according to the interval set in the configuaration.

Last modified December 15, 2021