The Dummy connection provides an arbitrary number of user-definable parameters which can be used as intermediate storage.


On the Parameters tab, enter the list of parameters you wish to define, one parameter per line, in the following form:

<Parameter ID>[,<Value Type>[,<Default Value>]]

The Parameter ID must follow the syntax rules for valid parameter ID; in particular, it can use the / sign to build hierachies/trees.

The Value Type can be one of S (string). B (boolean), I (integer), F (float) or T (trigger). The default value type is string.

The parameter will be set to the Default Value, if specified, when the connection starts. If no default value is given, its value will be undefined until it is set manually or from a Protocol Converter rule or any API (e.g. MQTT Bridge).


The connection will expose the parameters defined in the configuration. All parameters are read-write, and of the type specified in the configuration.

Last modified December 15, 2021