Ember+ Provider

The Ember+ Provider connection exposes the entire BTConnect parameter tree as an Ember+ tree, to be used with third-party Ember+ consumers.


TCP Settings

On the General tab, the following settings are available:

  • Port: The default port number is 9000.
  • Bind IP: Enter an IP adress here to bind to a specific local interface. Default is to listen on all interfaces.
  • Keepalive Interval: Interval in seconds of keepalive requests sent to each connected consumer.
  • Keepalive Timeout: The consumer connection will be terminated if no reply to a keepalive request was received within this period.


If you select a specific connection, only the parameters from that connection will be exposed through the Ember+ provider, without any prefix.

If no connection is selected, the entire parameter tree, including all connection, will be exposed, in the form <Connection ID>/<Parameter>.

Additionally, you can enter on or more filters, in order to limit the exposed tree to only parts of the entire parameter tree.

Values entered here are processed as Perl-compatible regular expressions.


The Ember+ Provider connection does not provide any parameters.

Last modified December 19, 2021