Barix Barionet (ASCII)

This connection type implements the Barix Barionet ASCII protocol. It supports the Barionet 50 and 100 devices.


Network Connection

Enter the IP adress or hostname of the Barionet device.

For TCP connection mode, enter the TCP port number into the Port field and leave the Use UDP option unchecked.

For UDP connection mode, enter the UDP port number into the Port field, check the Use UDP option and enter a local UDP port number; the same port number must be configured in the Barionet device.


Click Retrieve from Device to connect to the blade and retrieve the relevant properties of the particular model. This will only work in TCP mode. For UDP mode, you must enter the numbers manually.


The connection provides the following parameters:

  • analog/<id>/in (float, read-only) - value of the analog inputs.
  • analog/<id>/out (float, write-only) - set value of an analog output.
  • digital/<id>/in (boolean, read-only) - value of the digital inputs.
  • digital/<id>/out (boolean, write-only) - set state of a digital output.
  • ir/<id>/out (boolean, write-only) - set state of an IR output.
  • relay/<id> (boolean, read/write) - state of a relay output.
  • temperature/<id> (float, read-only) - reading of a temperature sensor.

Last modified December 19, 2021