Connections are the main building blocks of a BTConnect system. There are two groups of connections:

  1. Device connections: These represent a protocol connection with an external device, e.g. a DHD core connected via ECP, a MIDI input or output device, a Livewire device etc.
  2. Facility connections: These are virtual connections that provide functionality to BTConnect, for example e-mail notifications, the HTTP REST API or an XML output facility.

BTConnect can handle as many concurrent connections as required, only limited by CPU, RAM and license.

Each connection has a unique ID (e.g. dhd-studio1) that is used when addressing the connection and its parameters (see below).

Internally, connections are designed as “micro-services” - they run in their own separate environment (thread), and they communicate with the other connections over a message bus.

Last modified June 24, 2021