This protocol implements the DHD REST API.

Supported Devices and Prerequisites

All DHD Series 52 cores, running on Firmware 9.1+ and having the REST API license enabled, are supported.


On the General Tab, enter IP and port of the core, and the WebApps API token defined in Toolbox.

For picture upload, you can specify an optional Picture folder which is used as the base for relative filenames supplied to the picture/<id> parameter.



  • channel/<id>/label (string, write-only) - Update the label of the fader channel with the specified iD.
  • channel/<id>/snapshot (integer, write-only) - Load a channel snapshot. The value is the snapshot number.

Global Labels

  • globallabel/<id> (string, write-only) - Update a global label.

Picture Upload

  • picture/<id> (string, write-only) - Upload and replace the picture with the specified resource ID (see Toolbox). The value must be the valid filename of a PNG file, either an absolute filename, or a relative filename in the picture folder set in the configuration.


  • mixer/<id>/snapshot (integer, write-only) - Load a mixer snapshot. ID is the number of the virtual mixer in the range 1..4. The value is the snapshot number.

Last modified December 15, 2021