Ember+ Consumer

This protocol implements a client (consumer) connection to an Ember+ Provider.

Supported Devices and Prerequisites

We can connect to all devices that implement an Ember+ provider.

The connection can currently only handle Ember+ parameters of the type string, integer, float and boolean. All other parameters are ignored during enumeration.


On the General tab, enter IP and port of the Ember+ provider.


Parameters are fully dynamic in an Ember+ connection. BTConnect will enumerate the Ember+ tree at startup and propagate its own parameter tree accordingly. Value types and readable/writable flags will be the same as in the Ember+ tree.

Parameter Filter

If you want to limit the Ember+ tree to certain subtrees, go to the Filter tab and enter one or more Ember paths. These are treated as subtrees, e.g. if you enter


only the Ember+ nodes that start with Device/... or Channel/... will become available as parameters.

Matrix Support

BTConnect provides limited support for the Ember+ Matrix Extension, allowing you to monitor and set crosspoints on matrixes provided over Ember+.

The support is “limited” by the fact that BTConnect does not have a matrix type of its own, so the Ember+ matrix must be translated into one or more string or numeric parameters.

On the General tab of the connection properties, you can choose between four different modes:


Matrix support is disabled, matrix notes will not become available as parameters.

Write-Only (One String Parameter)

The matrix will be represented by a single write-only parameter that can be used to set or clear crosspoints.


  • Set crosspoint - source 1 to target 7:


  • For n-to-m-matrixes, set two sources (1 and 2) to target 7:


  • For n-to-m-matrixes, add another source to the existing set:


  • For n-to-m-matrixes, remove a source from the existing set:


  • Multiple commands can be sent at the same time, delimited with spaces (e.g. source 1 to target 7 and source 2 to target 8):

    7:1 8:2

Simple (One String Parameter)

This is similar to Write-Only, with a single string parameter representing the matrix - but this time, it is read-write, and the value represents the current state of the matrix, in the same syntax as used for the updates above.

Extended (One Parameter per Target)

In this mode, each target in the matrix is represented by a separate read-write string parameter.

You can send string values to the target nodes in order to update crosspoints for that target, similar to the syntax above, but with out the target: prefix.

  • Set target to source 1:


  • Set target to source 1 and source 2 (n-m-matrix):


  • Add source 2 to target:


  • Remove source 2 from target:


In addition to the per-target parameters, a top level write-only string parameter will be available, representing the entire matrix, which accepts multi-crosspoint updates similar to Write-Only mode described above.

Last modified June 24, 2021